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LOTO Boaters: Why Boat Lifts Offer Ultimate Lake Experiences

Located in the heart of Missouri, the Lake of Ozarks is one of the top lake destinations in the Midwest, offering world-class boating (including boat racing), fishing, golfing, shopping, and a variety of other recreational activities. There is something peaceful about taking your boat down the lake and relieving life’s everyday stresses. And many LOTO boaters have learned that using a boat lift elevates the whole experience!

LOTO Boaters at Lake of the Ozarks

Whether you have been living here for a long time or just recently found the lake home of your dreams, having a boat will likely be one of the larger investments you will make. You might be fine leaving it in the water when it is not in use, but the rough waters of the lake can do some serious damage to your boat. Exposure to bad weather can cause gradual deterioration to the boat and cost you much more in maintenance. Boaters don’t want to spend more time on maintenance and fixing their boat rather than enjoying the beautiful lake. Thus, to safeguard your investment, it is important to buy a high-quality boat lift.

When it comes to boat lifts, LOTO Lift is one of the favorites of LOTO boaters, a community of boat owners from Lake of Ozarks. Many LOTO boaters prefer LOTO Lift as their local boat lift manufacturer of choice. One of the top companies at the Lake of Ozarks, LOTO Lift offers a wide range of boat lifts that can withstand the roughest of waters at the lake. Whatever the type of boat and dock you have, we can provide you with boat lifts that offer long-term performance and excellent value.


While LOTO Lift offers different types of boat lifts and accessories for various needs and budgets, our LT Model (Lifetime Model) is the gold standard for floating boat lifts. One of the strongest boat lifts on the water, it can withstand the rough water and the worst weather conditions Lake of Ozarks experience. These are just some of the reasons that so many LOTO boaters swear by it!

LOTO boaters favor side-mount boat lifts with remote control boxes

Side Mount Boat Lift

The LT Model from LOTO LIFT comes with a parallel poly tank side mount lift made for wide slips, back-over use, and the choppy waters from the large boats. This boat lift is mounted on your dock on both sides of the slip at different points, allowing the boat’s weight to spread evenly for greater stability.

The entire steel structure of the boat lift will remain above the water while your boat is on the lift. This ensures that you do not have to make costly repairs to the frame or plan for extensive maintenance to replace corroded steel parts, which usually happens to lifts when exposed to water for a long time.

HDPE Bunk Boards

Recently, lifetime HDPE bunk boards were also included in the LT model heavy-duty boat lift. Made of a thermoplastic polymer; these bunks are highly durable and very strong. HDPE also helps prevent the formation of mold, scum, mildew, and algae to protect your bunk boards from decomposing. And that means you will not have to worry about replacing your boat lift’s bunk carpet any more!

Features of LOTO LIFT LT Model

  • Poly tanks with a lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with a lifetime warranty
  • Warranty of up to 5 years on the arms, pitman arms, and the axles
  • Warranty of up to 2 years on the control unit
  • Deck mount with a lockable system with GFCI
  • Bypass valve and 1-inch exhaust hose
  • HDPE bunk boards (Addition to models after 2021)

Why LOTO Boaters Choose LOTO Lift?

According to Lake of the Ozarks’ LOTO Boaters, the local LOTO LIFT team offers prompt and timely customer service to ensure their customers have the best experience and can keep their boat secured when it’s not in the water. Not only are our prices reasonable, but our team is also always on hand with any help the boat lift owners might need. To know if LOTO LIFT LT Model is the right fit for your boat and your dock, check out our gallery and contact LOTO LIFT here.

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