Boat Lift Parts and Accessories

We've got you covered! Find supplies and high-quality boat lift replacement parts you need.

Thank you for visiting the LOTO Lift Parts and Accessories page. Here you can find popular repair or replacement parts as well as some nice accessories to make your boating experience even better!


Bushing: Poly Lift, Drew Lift, and LOTO Lift



LOTO Roller: FL Model, Boat Floater, Premium Lift, and Osage Lift



1” I.D. Hose


Triple Manaual

Firstmate Triple Manual Control Box* 


Double Manual

Firstmate Double Manual Control Box* 


Single Manual

Firstmate Single Manual Control Box* 


LITE Remote

Firstmate LITE Remote Control Box* 


Single Standard Remote

Firstmate Single Standard Remote Control Box* 


Single Pro Remote

Firstmate Single Pro   Remote Control Box* 


Double Standard Remote

Firstmate Double Standard Remote Control Box* 


Double PRO Remote

Firstmate Double PRO Remote Control Box* 


Triple Standard Remote

Firstmate Triple Standard Remote Control Box* 


Triple PRO Remote

Firstmate Triple PRO Remote Control Box* 



Folding Safety Cleat



Blower Motor



Arm Bolt: Poly Lift, Galva Lift, Drew Lift, and Poly Pneumatic Lifts



Boat Lift Bracket Bumper Kit: LOTO LIFT, Poly Lift, Galva Hoist boat lift, Drew Lift, and Hydro Hoists


EZ Steps

EZ Steps for easy access to the water. 2 postitions: floating or loacked in the down position. Perfect angle and hand rails.


Rough Water Stop Kit

Rough Water Stop Kit is also used for low roof clearances.


Rough Water Guide Kit

Rough Water Guide for 1 arm
(4 kits needed)


*Firstmate Control Boxes come with optional Blue, Green or Black Lid

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