LT Model Side Mount Boat Lifts for Rough Water

LOTO Lift's strongest side mount boat lift designed for rough water.

New and used Side Mount Boat Lifts and Accessories for all your Lake Needs.

We build the best side mount boat lifts around. Engineered and designed for the Lake of the Ozarks, these lifts are extremely strong and durable. When you use our products on other lakes like Grand Lake, Smithville and Table Rock they will outlast the competition. It’s funny that some have speculated that “LT” means “light”. In fact, just the opposite is true. This is such a heavy-duty frame that we give it a lifetime warranty, along with the poly tanks. Hence the name, Lifetime, or LT Model.

The LT model is a parallel poly tank side mount lift built for rough water, wide slips, and back-over applications.  All the steel is above the water line in most applications, so aside from bushing maintenance, you won’t have costly repairs replacing steel parts that corrode over time due to the harmful properties of water.

This is a 2021 Regal 38 SAV being hoisted by a 30,000 lb LT model lift.

A Heavy-duty Boat Lift System for Rough Water

Because the heavy-duty LT model was engineered for rough water it has great longevity and is easily maintained.  The concept of any lift should be to safely and securely raise a vessel, even when withstanding large and powerful waves.

The Lake of the Ozarks is second to none when it comes to rough waters, and our LT model is no second, either!  Don’t waste your money on poorly designed lifts.

You can spend lots of money on a lift that won’t hold up to the abuse of large boat wakes. It’s time to put money into the fuel tank of your boat and quit wasting it on overpriced or under-designed boat lifts.

A Boat Lift Designed for Floating Docks

Our LT model is specifically designed for floating docks. It is a free-floating lift that has poly bushings in every moving part to ride the waves quietly and smoothly. 

All of our lifts use non-corrosive poly tanks that get all the steel above the waterline, effectively eliminating the corrosion that steel parts undergo from constantly being underwater.  The parallel tank design on the LT model not only reduces the risk of failure on the lift but also the pressure the arms put on the dock. All of our brackets are bolted on, so there is no welding on your dock.

  • Dock and white cap waves at Lake of the Ozarks.Lifetime poly tanks
  • Lifetime galvanized frame (out of the water)
  • 5-year warranty on the arms, pitman arms, and axles
  • 2-year warranty on the control unit
  • Bypass valve and exhaust hose
  • Lockable Deck mount control unit with GFCI
  • 1” Hose
  • Heavy-duty Frame
  • All steel is out of the water

Now with Lifetime HDPE Bunk Boards

We’re pleased to announce that beginning in 2021, our LT model now includes lifetime HDPE bunk boards. The bunks are made of a thermoplastic polymer, so they are amazingly strong. In fact, they are so durable that we decided they should be a regular component on our LT “Lifetime” Model boat lifts. So no more mold, algae, scum, or mildew on your bunk boards, and they won’t decompose. That means no more boat lift bunk carpet replacement ever again!

Definition: Side Mount Boat Lift

In a side mount boat lift system the lift is firmly mounted to the dock on both sides of the slip along multiple points. This apportions the weight evenly, allowing for heavier boats to dock with greater stability. The pneumatic system fully submerges and will support V-hull or pontoon boats.

Heavy Duty side-mount boat lift. 4 arm, 6 arm, and 8 arm lifts available. Deep dropping back-over arms. Poly bushings. All steel out of the waterline. 3″ axles. 

Available in 4,500 lb – 30,000 lb lift sizes

(See more pics on our Picture Galleries page.)

See our LOTOLIFT.COM boat using one of our early model lifts on Lake of the Ozarks.

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Check out these boat lift installations for our LT Model side-mount lifts:

This is our 13.5 LT Model rated for 13,500 lbs. At 12′ wide, appx. 26′ long, this installation is for a large bowrider 2019 Cobalt R30 in the Rocky Mount area at Lake of the Ozarks.

This is our 10 LT Model, 12′ wide, appx. 25′ long, rated for 10,000 lbs. This boat lift is for a Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ 6.2L on Pomona Lake in Kansas.

This is our 45 LT Model, 12′ wide, appx. 18.5′ long with bushing savers and rough water stops. It’s rated at 4,500 lbs. for a 19′ Ranger Bass Boat on Pomona lake in Kansas.