Shallow Model Floating Boat Lift for Low Water Installations

We have the lowest operating pneumatic systems in the industry, down to 24" of water.

LOTO Lift Shallow model boat lift
Our sleek, low-profile shallow water boat lifts operate at the lowest water levels of any lift on the market today.

Announcement: Our popular Shallow Water Boat Lifts are now back in stock. Call today!

Shallow Water Boat Lifts

Large boat on a shallow water boat lift in a cove at Lake of the OzarksFor all the boaters who have less than 4’ of water, we have designed our shallow water boat lifts for you with your challenging water depth applications. LOTO Lift ® builds the lowest-operating pneumatic lift system in the industry. Before now, no one had put so much thought and work into the shallow water boat lift design. 

The effective use of rectangular tanks is the most efficient way to displace water. That is precisely why river barges have a square design rather than a round one. Our 4000 lb shallow water floating boat lift can operate in as little as 24″ water for bass boats. It features an all-hot-dipped Galvanized frame, poly bushings in every moving part, optional non-friction composite bunks, and rotationally molded poly tanks. 

When many lifts in shallow coves are no longer usable as the lake experiences a winter draw-down or serious drought, our low-water boat lifts can still operate, as long as you have at least 24″ water to work with. We can keep you fishing or wakeboarding all year!

  • Lifetime warranty on poly tanks
  • Lifetime warranty on galvanized frame
  • 5-year warranty on the arms, pitman arms, axles
  • 2-year warranty on the control unit
  • Bypass valve and exhaust hose
  • Lockable Deck mount control unit with GFCI
  • 3000 lb – 15,000 lb lift capacity sizes

We have installed these lifts at Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme De Terre Lake, Mississippi River in St. Louis, and Table Rock Lake. Call us today to discover the solution to your low water problem. 

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Watch one of our Shallow Water Boat Lifts in operation.

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