Dual jet ski floating dock with 2 colorful PWCs on the platform.

PWC Lifts: The Ultimate Jet Ski Floating Dock Solution

When you’re ready to ride your Jet Ski, you’re eager to go! We would all prefer to be having fun on our favorite PWC (personal watercraft) rather than dilly-dallying with trailers, boat launches, and docks. Fortunately, LOTO Lift has the ultimate solution for parking and launching your PWC. You can get a PWC lift that incorporates the best benefits of a pneumatic boat lift and a Jet Ski Floating Dock.

The Difference Between a PWC Lift and a Jet Ski Dock

In short, you drive on Jet Ski docks versus raising the craft out of the water on Jet Ski lifts. Some of the floating docks have wheels, and others can just be driven onto as they float on the water. Lifts can be pneumatic (floating lifts) or raise the craft via electric or manual winches. 

There is a wide variety of opinions as to which is better. But at LOTO Lift, we simply decided we liked aspects of both types of docking systems. So we engineered jet ski stands on a platform that you drive on, and then it elevates your craft out of the water. 

When you’re coming in, you approach the jet ski ramp, drive on the platform, hit the remote to raise it, and voila! Your Waverunner or Sea-Doo is on its own small floating boat dock that’s fastened to the main dock area. And just like that, you’ve docked your PWC.

PWC Lift Types, Terminologies, and Synonyms

While there are just a few different types of products on the market to accomplish jet ski docking and launching, there are many synonyms and variations of their names and descriptions! Here are just a few:

  • PWC lifts, or Jet Ski lifts
  • Jet Ski floating docks
  • Jet Ski docks, PWC docks, Sea-Doo docks, or Waverunner docks
  • Jet Ski dock ramps
  • drive on Jet Ski dock
  • drive-on PWC ramps
  • floating Jet Ski ramps
  • Jet Ski ports
  • Jet Ski hoists
  • And – well, you get the idea – there are many more!

So even though there are many names and several types of these platforms, they are all just Jet Ski docking systems that perform essentially the same tasks in different ways.

A new jet ski docking platform with remote control installed on a floating boat dock at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.
LOTO Lift jet ski docking platforms work perfectly with floating boat docks and they utilize Firstmate control boxes with available remote control.

Jet Ski Docks the LOTO Lift Way

Our PWC platforms are the result of creative and practical engineering. We have combined all the favorite benefits of several different products (as listed above) all in one amazing design! 

Never worry about how to launch or dry dock your PWC again. It’s easier than ever with our drive-on Jet Ski dock and its elevating platform. And it works for all brands and types of PWCs, including Jet Skis, Waverunners, Sea-Doos, and others.

These are some of our most time-consuming products. All the precision cuts needed to complete the decking and trim require extra time and care. However, the result is an excellent finished product. 

Part of the product distinctiveness is synthetic deck boards instead of the cheaper composite decking commonly used among our competitors in the industry.

The Ultimate Jet Ski Platform

LOTO Lift does not construct our jet ski docking platforms with the typical composite lumber. Our 100% synthetic deck boards employ innovative extrusion technology to amalgamate a high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene with a mineral-fill hybrid additive. 

So you get a strong, solid, non-porous planked deck that is nearly indestructible and impervious to rot. You don’t have to worry about cracking, peeling, or splintering. Furthermore, the deck boards won’t mold, mildew, or decompose. We design our PWC platforms to be durable even with prolonged submersion. You get a floating jet ski dock with:

  • Minimal Thermal Expansion
  • Less Maintenance
  • Colorfast Appearance
  • Waterproof Decking
  • Slip-Resistant Embossed Wood Grain

Single or Double Jet Ski Lifts

LOTO Lift is the only boat lift manufacturer at Lake of the Ozarks that builds a single platform lift and a double jet ski lift platform.

What should I look for in a PWC Dock?

It’s easy to be confused by all the different names and types of PWC dock lifts. It may take some time and conversations to learn and choose what you want.

So we would like to recommend that you look for the strongest and safest, the most versatile, and the most accessible PWC docking systems to use. And we’ve engineered our LOTO Lift PWC platforms for those looking for the following characteristics.

Built for Stability

One of the problems with PWC lifts that some owners encounter is that the height of their dock doesn’t match up well with their lift. Not only does this make getting to the bike a little more challenging in some cases, but your Jet Ski lift may not be as stable when there is a significant height discrepancy.

Our PWC platform lifts now have adjustable brackets for different dock heights to resolve this problem. So you can adjust the lift brackets to match the size of your dock better.

Additionally, the pneumatic tank on our floating jet ski ramp spans nearly the entire length of the platform. The result is a very stable lift that makes docking and getting on and off your watercraft easier. Plus, the less your Jet Ski floating dock bounces around in the water, the less chance there is that you’ll experience problems or damage to your lift.

To that end, we have specially designed our dock-mounted PWC lift with three stabilizer arms instead of two, explicitly engineered for rough water considerations. 

At 3500lbs of capacity, our PWC dock solution is one of the highest capacity floating Jet Ski docks for sale on the market.

Looking for a jet ski dock for sale at Lake of the Ozarks? Call today to learn more about our elite jet ski docking systems!

Built for Durability

In addition to stability, we design LOTO Lift PWC platforms for durability. Unfortunately, since they are a lower-price ticket item, most manufacturers don’t go to the extra expense and work of producing a ruggedly-built product. We believe that many people still prefer quality, so we build each one as if it was for our own family.

So, in addition to our highly engineered decking, we also use our stainless steel attachments system. (You can read more about it in this article where we solved the problem of rust on boat lifts.) By doing so, just like our other types of boat lifts, our Jet Ski floating docks are built to outperform and outlast other brands on the market.

As for our Jet Ski platform’s basic engineering and construction, we weld the frames on both sides of the lift. The side welds are essential, as most PWC lifts only have top welds. The additional welds on both sides provide for even more excellent durability.

Similarly, the auto-marine bunk carpet we use on the jet ski stands is perfect for boat and marine use. Made in the USA, it employs a SmartBack premium fiber-fastening technology. The carpet is an engineered PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fiber constructed with up to 100% recycled plastic bottles, so it’s eco-friendly.

Furthermore, it will withstand staining and is resistant to UV breakdown, so it arrests fading that results in exceptional colorfastness. So you can count on superior wear durability and fade resistance, both of which are important since many PWC floating docks sit in direct sunlight.

Built for Practicality

The sheer joy of accessing your Waverunner or Jet Ski so readily and quickly is immensely gratifying. You can step off your floating boat dock right onto the platform, get on your PWC, lower it in the water via remote, and away you go!

Another perk of having a PWC platform is its practicality if you need to work on your craft. You don’t need a trailer and boat ramp to dry-dock your PWC. Just bring your tools right onto the platform where you can access your jet ski or Waverunner comfortably. Plus, you have the bonus of the ease with which you quickly get the bike back into the water to test drive it and check your repairs.

A Jet Ski floating dock also comes in handy when you want to put a PWC cover over your machine. It’s easy to manage the cover, so it’s simple to protect your engine.

We’ve been around boats and docks our entire lives. And what we see is that adding a Jet Ski platform lift makes your dock look more extensive and more finished. Both of these effects offer the potential of added value when resale is a consideration.

As you would expect, remotes are available with both single and double Jet Ski lift platforms. And for a bonus, our platform PWC lifts are even great for use with kayaks, too!

Built with Attention to Detail

LOTO Lift pays excellent attention to detail. So much so that we even color match screws and use a unique tool that allows us to sink each fastener precisely to the same depth for perfect uniformity. 

Not only do we value great functionality, but we think your jet ski floating dock should look great, too. You now have the option of a sharp new two-tone gray, and black look that we expect will be a big favorite this year!

Sharp two-tone gray and black color scheme on a PWC floating dock sitting in the sun.
LOTO Lift's new black and two-tone gray color scheme on their new PWC floating dock lifts is expected to be a favorite.

Missouri’s Top Choice for Jet Ski Platform Lifts

If you are the owner of a Waverunner or Jet Ski, you know that it’s all about that exhilaration of speeding across the lake or river, jumping waves and boat wakes, cutting crazy donuts, or even just exploring. So maybe it’s about time to make launching and docking the jet ski simpler and faster.

The choice of a Jet Ski docking platform is an important decision. Particularly if you’re on a lake that sometimes has rough water, like Lake of the Ozarks or Table Rock Lake in Missouri. So, consider us as an alternative to buying an unpredictable cheap floating jet ski dock. And rather than looking for old used jet ski lifts for sale Craigslist sellers want to unload, why not choose professional PWC dock builders? Plus, these lifts work perfectly for jon boats, paddleboats, kayaks, and can dock small boats of many types, up to 13 feet long!

The team at LOTO Lift has many years of experience and masterful expertise.  You can trust Missouri’s leading manufacturer of the drive-on PWC lift Lake of the Ozarks boaters turn to. And our products are ideal for Table Rock Lake or any of the other boating lakes in Missouri and surrounding states as well. Call us today to begin your stress-free purchase and installation of the ultimate Jet Ski floating dock. Prepare to enjoy your time on the water to the fullest extent!

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