Ski boat docked on a floating boat lift at Lake of the Ozarks

How Does A Floating Boat Lift Work?

Many boaters who enjoy the open waters want to have the ability to conveniently lift and store their boats out of the water. To facilitate this, a floating boat lift is usually the top choice.

There are different types of lifts for different sizes and types of boats, so buying the right one for your vessel can make all the difference in safety, value, and comfort.

What Is A Floating Boat Lift?

A floating boat lift (also called a pneumatic boat lift) is a relatively simple piece of boating technology to help move a boat to and from the water. So, unlike other boat lift options, you don’t need lots of complicated machinery and buttons to operate it. As a result,, this makes it one of the most convenient, safe, and easy-to-operate marine products selling today.

The innovation behind these lifts and their long-life engineering makes them nearly maintenance-free. And that means you get more time having fun on the water rather than maintaining your boat docking equipment.

How It Works

The entire system bolts itself to the dock, and a pneumatic air tank is used to, essentially, control the lift. How it works is extremely simple and user-friendly. Your boat will rest securely on the floating platform, which begins above the water. Then, as the lift begins to work, the platform drops down, letting the boat begin to float on the water without any support. It can then be moved away from the platform, with the reverse action allowing a boat to be lifted back up from the water.

Air is pumped into the tanks to lift the boat.

The boat lift works by pumping air into the tanks when the boat is connected to the system. And as you pump more air into the tanks, the lift raises the boat out of the water. This system is capable of lifting boats that weigh anywhere up to 30,000 lbs. A remote button is pressed to allow air to be pumped into the air tank, and you press it again when the capacity has reached a point that the boat is out of the water.

Air is vented out of the tanks to lower the boat.

Similarly, the reverse process happens when the lift lowers the boat into the water. Air is vented out of the tank, letting the boat drop further and further. The more air you vent, the quicker and deeper it sinks into the water. So, you can see how simple this boating equipment would be to operate.

Rear view of a twin engine ski boat ski boat on a pneumatic boat lift
A good way to think of a pneumatic boat lift is as a floating boat lift apparatus that provides both mooring and storage capabilities for your boat.

LOTO Lift experts are here to help you.

There are some important things to consider when you are learning about the ways a floating boat lift can work for your needs. You should find a professional to help you determine the best type of lifting system for your particular boat and this will help you get the best possible results when you are looking at raising your boat.

Speak to the experts at LOTO lift today and learn why our lifts are top-rated on the lakes in Missouri and across the U.S.

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