Better Ways for Boat Docking: What Are Boat Lifts For?

There are two common ways to approach boat docking. Firstly, you can leave your boat in the water, tied securely up at the dock. This is a popular idea as it requires very little equipment, and your boat is easy to access when you need it. The second approach is to use a boat lift. At LOTO Lift we know that boat lifts are essential for extending the lifespan of your boat. They carry many benefits, all of which will be discussed throughout this guide.

However, there’s one question that often surfaces when discussing boat lifts: what are they for? What purpose do they serve and how do they work?

What are boat lifts?

Boat lifts come in different varieties, but they all attack the same concern. In essence, the purpose of a boat lift is to keep your boat docked above the water level. It can be lifted up above the water, then lowered back down when in use. Effectively, you can now keep your boat docked without it being set in the water the whole time. As you can imagine, this has some significant advantages.

Consider how long you may leave a boat docked in water between uses. For some people, weeks or months can go by before a boat is used again. All this time in the water isn’t good for your boat, and we’ll explain why later on.

Detailed view of the bottom of a boat on a lift

Do you need a boat lift?

Technically speaking, you don’t ‘need’ a boat lift. It’s not against the law to dock your boat in the water, which is why most people do it. However, it’s recommended that you invest in a boat lift if you’re serious about your boat. It gives you a simple way of raising your boat from the water and protecting it from waves. If you want your boat to stay in excellent condition for as long as possible, then you most certainly need to get your hands on a boat lift.

What are the benefits of boat lifts?

How will you benefit from using a boat lift? Well, you’ll be surprised at how much of an impact a simple lift will have on your water vehicle. Here are the main ways you will benefit:

  • Protect your boat from waves.
  • Decrease the chances of corrosion and other damage.
  • Extend the lifespan of your boat.
  • Make it harder for someone to steal your boat.

Protect your boat from waves.

When a boat is docked in the water, it has no protection from waves. Even small waves can have a compounding effect on a boat. They slosh up against it, slowly battering the sides and weakening the hull. Not only that, but the movement of the water can make your boat sway and move around. In turn, there’s a high chance it can knock into the dock or nearby boats. Thus, you run the risk of seeing physical damages when you next check on your boat.

Furthermore, water levels can rise, and waves may cause some water to spill inside your boat. While it’s unlikely that enough water will fall inside to sink your boat, it can deteriorate the deck and other materials. With a boat lift, you secure your boat above the water, preventing the waves from doing any damage. Your boat is securely in place, with no risks of water getting into it or battering against the dock.

Decrease the chances of corrosion.

Side view portrait of worker wearing protective mask repairing fiberglass boat hull

What’s the main issue with keeping boats in the water for too long? That’s right, corrosion can take place. The bottom of your boat will corrode much faster when it is docked in water. By comparison, using a boat lift will prevent this from happening. In turn, this can stop the bottom of your boat from weakening and forming holes via the corrosion. As a side-point, a boat lift will protect your paint job as the water won’t damage it either!

Speaking of damages, corrosion isn’t the only issue to worry about. Algae grow on the bottom and sides of a boat that’s docked in the water for months on end. This can be incredibly hard to remove and will usually lead to a weakening of the boat’s structure. Again, a boat lift stops this from occurring as no water comes into contact with your growth, preventing algae from forming.

Extend the lifespan of your boat.

Naturally, the two previous points lead to this one: a boat lift will extend the life of your boat. That’s one of the main reasons it is used, so your boat stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible. A lack of corrosion and water damage will extend the paint job and keep your boat looking good as new!

Consequently, this means the boat retains a lot of its value. So, if you ever wish to sell your boat, it will command a higher price due to the excellent condition you kept it in.

Make it harder for someone to steal your boat.

One of the underrated benefits/uses of boat lifts is to add more security to your boat. When a boat is tied to a dock, it’s relatively easy for someone to steal it. Well, it should still be a challenge, but there are fewer barriers in place. With a boat lift, they would have to lower the boat into the water and then detach it from the dock to get away. It would take a lot longer, be a lot noisier, meaning the chances of someone noticing are very high.

Front view of a boat docked on a lift.

Summary: What are boat lifts used for?

To wrap everything up, let’s answer the main question. What are boat lifts used for?

Their primary purpose is to lift boats from the water when they’re docked. They can then lower them back down when you need to use the boat again. As a result, this presents many benefits for boat owners.

For instance, your boat will be protected from the water, suffer less corrosion, extend its lifespan, and be harder to steal. If you’re interested in improving your boat docking approach, a boat lift will be a fine investment. 

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