Used Boat Lifts for Sale near Lake of the Ozarks

About Used Boat Lifts: Important Considerations Before Purchasing

We love boats and all things boating here at LOTO Lift. In fact, it’s why we do what we do. So we strive to deliver top-quality lifts and customer service because we believe these qualities go hand-in-hand.

Our mission is to offer the best boat lift on the market and we have vowed to keep our prices fair for both the consumers and for ourselves. Therefore, because we are committed to considering what is in our customers’ best interest, we want to share our views on purchasing used boat lifts. In fact, we sell them ourselves because it is a valid market for those on constrained budgets. And we sell quality lifts at affordable prices. That being said, generally speaking, we believe that when possible it is usually a wise choice to buy new versus used boat lifts.

We understand that entry prices can be prohibitive for some and it may be necessary to start out with a used lift. We totally get that, so all we ask is that you consider the points below as you search for the best boat lift for your needs.

  1. Used boat lifts have no warranty.
  2. There is the possibility for missing parts of which you are unaware, especially when buying from an unknown individual or an unscrupulous dealer.
  3. The lift may have aging parts that are either worn out or nearly worn out, but they’re no longer available on the market.
  4. If you’re unsure of how to determine the correct size or type of boat lift, make sure to get professional assistance before purchasing a used lift.

Things to Make Sure You Know Before You Purchase

  1. Water Depth at your slip
  2. Structural Strength to match your location, ie. – main channel vs. quiet cove, large lake with big waves vs. quiet lake, etc.
  3. Slip Width
  4. The Dry Weight of your watercraft and the boat lift capacity
  5. The condition and type of flotation tanks

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