FM Model Front Mount Boat Lifts​

For Shared or Narrow Slip Applications and Self-centering Docking

Front mount boat lift for shared slips and narrow spaces

Our Front Mount boat lifts were originally created for shared slip applications, so you would be able to install two lifts in an extra-wide slip. But then we discovered the convenience of self-centering docking. With only 2 moving parts the FM model is an extremely economical lift. Furthermore, the Rotationally Molded Polyethylene Tanks keep all the steel above the waterline.

The FM Model is designed with optional rough water guides and stops to lock the lift in the raised position and reduce the leverage that the lift puts on the dock. This is an important feature because without it, a long, narrow lift can be hard on a dock in rough water. Due to this fact, we typically recommend these small lifts for calm lakes or coves with quiet water where there are no large boats causing big wakes.

With a solid frame made with heavy-duty channel more than 1/4” thick, the FM model will give you many years of trouble-free boating without spending more for the lift than the boat.

  • Poly bushing pivot joint
  • Lifetime poly tanks
  • 5-year warranty on painted frame
  • 2-year warranty on the control unit
  • Bypass valve and exhaust hose
  • Lockable Deck mount control unit with GFCI
  • 4,000 lb – 10,000 lb Lift Sizes

(See more pics on our Picture Galleries page.)

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