Cute little boy driving the motorboat on a lake surrounded by Missouri hills on a sunny summer day.

Going out on a boat is exciting! There’s nothing quite like a great day out on the water. And part of a great day is having a well-maintained watercraft and equipment that works properly. At LOTO Lift, we know how much a good boat lift can contribute to the overall experience. So we hope you’ll check out some of the helpful tips and articles in our blog referring to our lifts and boating information in general.

Basic Terminology

If you’re new to boat life and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of our lakes in Missouri, you need to know some basic boating terminology. Bow refers to the front of your vessel, and Stern refers to the back. Port refers to the left side of a boat, and Starboard is the right side. Another important word is the beam which is the width of the hull at its widest point. A larger beam means a more stable vessel. Other important terms include bilge, which is the compartment at the lowest point of the hull. The draft is the distance between the waterline and the keel, which is the backbone ridge along the bottom of the hull. And aft refers to the area towards the stern of a boat.

Learn Boat Operating Safety

Boating rules are very important to follow. Different types of vessels operate according to different right of way rules, so it’s important to understand these rules so you can avoid collisions. Make sure you follow the rules and don’t go overboard when you’re on the water. In addition, be sure to always check the operating procedures about the rules and regulations for the area where you plan to go out on the water. You can also take the Missouri Boating Safety Course Online to learn about the rules for operating a boat on our Missouri lakes and rivers.

Understand Right-Of-Way

When you’re traveling on a boat, you’ll need to follow basic right-of-way rules. These rules are vital for knowing the proper procedure to use the waterways. Varying from state to state, the rules can depend on the type of vessel you’re operating. Nevertheless, to ensure that you don’t get into any trouble while boating it’s crucial to understand about right-of-way on waterways. 

Enjoy Time with Family & Friends

An excursion on the water is also a great way to bond with family and friends. Not only does it help pry the kids away from their screens, but it lets them share onboard jobs and learn about properly navigating and maintaining a boat. These memories and bonds can last a lifetime, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy one another. The fun and excitement of boating can’t be beaten!

Be Safe & Have Fun

And finally, remember to wear a life jacket and follow the rules of the waterways. Your boating experience will be much safer and you will help contribute to the safety and pleasure of others who are out on the water, too.

If you have questions about protecting your vessel or PWC with a boat lift please explore our website to learn more or give us a call at (573) 873-6058.

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