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Boat Lifts at Lake of the Ozarks: Protect Your Investment!

Do we really need boat lifts at Lake of the Ozarks? If you own a boat, you might think that leaving it in the water is fine, even when it’s not in use. And why wouldn’t you, since after all, this is how nature and boat makers intended it, right? (Lol!)


Using the Lake of the Ozark’s rough waters as a 24/7 storage is not good for your boat. The constant exposure to the elements would cause gradual deterioration on your boat’s exterior, costing you more in maintenance activities. Worse, you would end up spending more time maintaining and fixing your watercraft than enjoying it. So you need something to guard your investment, and this is where a good floating boat lift comes in.

Keep Your Boat’s Hull in Good Condition

Aluminum can stain quickly and show signs of water damage easily, while the gel coat on the surface of fiberglass is porous and similarly vulnerable to the elements. Regardless of the material your boat hull is made of, storing your boat in the water leaves it vulnerable. It is susceptible to the buildup of dirt and grime that is extremely hard to remove. But worse, it can also be vulnerable to corrosion from electrolysis. Using anti-fouling paint can be effective and tempting but is bad for the environment. Investing in a boat lift is a much better option.

Boats stored on a lift spend less time on the water, giving algae and other marine organisms no chance to accumulate on the surface. It also protects your hull from stray electrical current that could corrode the metal parts of your boat exterior. What is more, is that launching from a lift gives your boat a good boost that makes it glide more smoothly through the water. Surprisingly, this does wonders for your gas mileage. We’ve seen this many times with our own boat lifts at Lake of the Ozarks.

Keeps Your Boat Safe from Bad Weather Conditions

Boats are sturdy pieces of machinery, and are typically built to last. Still, they should not be left tied to the dock all the time, vulnerable and at the mercy of nature. Storms can cause the water level and condition in the lake to fluctuate, which may lead to severe damage to your boat’s exterior. 

Strong winds can damage your boat’s sides and bottom, and rainstorms can fill your boat with water that the bilge pump could not handle. Even worse, your boat could sink or break free from the mooring line. In the often-rough waters at Lake of the Ozarks, we sometimes see boats adrift following a storm.

Most boat owners keep a close eye on the weather forecast for this reason. But while bad weather is impossible to prevent, keeping your boat safe from it is easy with a strong, well-engineered boat lift. Boat lifts can give you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your boat is safe whatever the weather brings with it.

Damaged boat sinking in a boat slip at Lake of the Ozarks

Protecting Your Investment

A boat is a major investment, one of the biggest purchases you can make aside from a house or a car. And like all other properties of value, you must put in a lot of effort and energy to keep it in great shape. A boat lift at Lake of the Ozarks does this for you and more, helping you protect your watercraft and giving you the most return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are boat lifts worth it?

Yes. Since a boat lift protects against constant water wear, abuse from hitting against a dock, corrosion, and algae they will easily pay for themselves in savings from frequent or serious repairs. Also, by preventing your boat from sinking or breaking loose, a lift is really a necessity for keeping your boat in a slip for any length of time.

How long does a boat lift last?

Most lifts will last 25 years. But ours last much longer, due to all the metal being kept safely above the waterline. You will have some minor maintenance done over time. but a LOTO Lift boat lift at Lake of the Ozarks should far beyond 25 years.

How does a floating boat lift work?

There are different types of floating boat lifts. LOTO Lift builds pneumatic boat lifts which use air and water displacement rather than using winches and motors. The air in our poly tanks is pumped in to raise the boat and discharged to lower the boat into the water. This provides a safe, economical, and convenient means of raising and lowering boat lifts with the use of a simple remote.

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