Large boat on a private boat dock lift at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri

The Top Benefits of a Private Dock? A Boat Dock Lift & Easy Access

If you have a boat dock lift and love boating, sailing, or other water activities at our beautiful lakes in Missouri, living close to the water can be a dream come true.

But, if you do not have a private dock, you might not be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with living near the water. So if you’re considering whether or not you want to own one, here are the top benefits you can enjoy by building a private dock.

Ease of Access with a Boat Dock Lift

Keeping your boat at a marina and then having to trailer it back and forth can take up a lot of your time and effort. With a private dock located right outside your lake house, you can easily walk to it without the hassle of transporting your boat every time you want to use it. A private dock provides you with the convenience to use it whenever you would like.

On a Private Boat Dock You Can Build Whatever You Want

Every boat needs a place to call home. If you park your boat at the marina, you need to settle with whatever is being provided to you. But when you have a personal dock for your boat, you are free to customize it as you want. You can build a huge boat dock for entertainment purposes and then customize it to your heart’s content. And you can even add a boat dock lift to it, making boating access easier than ever.

Pontoon boat on shallow water boat lift.


Since boats are a significant investment, you want to ensure they are well looked after. If your boat is docked at a marina, there are chances of the boat getting vandalized, damaged, or even stolen. You minimize the risk of these things occurring when you have a private dock. You can have your eyes on your boat and have peace of mind knowing your boat is safe.

No Paying Fees

Paying rent at the marina to use the dock means you are losing money that you have no way to recover. Most of these marinas charge a hefty amount upfront and then yearly maintenance fees that often increase yearly. On the other hand, with a private dock, you might spend a little money upfront on building it and adding things like a boat dock lift, but they definitely add value to your property.

No Issues with Slip Availability for a Dock Lift

Every time you take your boat to the marina, you might wonder if there will be an available slip that day. During weekends and holidays, the marinas can get crowded, and you might not get the space you need leaving you disappointed.

Prevent Damage and Corrosion

Storing your boat in the marina can lead to damage due to harsh weather conditions such as storm waves, winter ice, debris, and even regular wear and tear. With your private dock, you can have a boat lift that can not only keep your boat clean but also prevent it from being damaged. You can prolong the life of your boat extensively.

Multiple Uses

Dog with a party hat enjoying a birthday treat on a private boat dockYour private dock is not just for launching or securing your boat; it can also be used for many other things. You can spend time on the dock relaxing, fishing from it, having a barbeque dinner with friends or family, or even storing and launching a canoe or kayak.   

Some lake homes may not allow for a private dock. But if yours does, it will provide many benefits to your property and is a great choice for a boating lifestyle. So you can save money, time, and effort by eliminating the need to store your boat at the marina or trailer it in and out every day. Plus, you can customize your private dock how you want and use it for many different things.

We Can Help!

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