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Tritoon Boat Maintenance: Tips to Properly Care for Your Tritoon

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Tritoon boats are great for entertaining large groups, pulling skiers, and open water excursions. A tritoon (the pontoon boat’s big brother) has three aluminum tubes, or “logs”, beneath its deck. The tube in the center ensures that there is even weight distribution over the water. So, due to its structure and added stability, a tritoon can handle more horsepower. A tritoon boat is a little more expensive than a pontoon. But if you are looking to have a smoother ride, stability, and high cruising speed when needed, it will be the appropriate choice.

Since you will spend extra cash on your tritoon boat, it would be best to learn how to maintain and clean it. Doing this is essential as it keeps up your boat’s appearance and adds years to its life span. Plus, you will also be able to avoid costly repairs when you make proper maintenance a priority. Listed below are a few tips on how to care for your tritoon boat.

Dock on a Boat Lift

As a boat lift manufacturer at Lake of the Ozarks, we see lots of pontoons and tritoon boats. And we love to help owners of these large watercraft take the best care possible of their investment. That’s why we always advise that you protect them with a high-quality tritoon boat lift.

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Pontoon boat on a LOTO Lift shallow water lift at Lake of the Ozarks.
A tritoon boat docked on a shallow water boat lift at Lake of the Ozarks

Wash Your Boat

Ensure that you always wash your tritoon when summer begins. Regularly clean your boat through summer as this ensures that it stays in good condition. Then, when cleaning the aluminum components of your tritoon boat, you should always use an aluminum cleaning solution.

 Should you neglect cleaning the aluminum part, it will lose its shine, making your boat look used and old. Therefore, it is essential to clean the aluminum parts well with a safe aluminum cleaning solution.

When cleaning any fiberglass areas of your tritoon boat, use water and soap. You can use the same kind of detergent that you use when cleaning your car. And to avoid soap buildup, make sure you rinse off the cleaning solution thoroughly.

Cover Your Tritoon

Whenever your boat is not in use, make sure you cover it. Covering your boat protects it from the sun rays, rodents, and debris. If you do not already have a tritoon boat cover, ensure you purchase one as it is an essential part of your tritoon maintenance. When your boat is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, it will fade and lose its color and like-new appearance. 

Likewise, your seat cushions and furnishings will also stay in the best shape when you cover up your boat. Similarly, a boat lift canopy may also prove to be quite a useful feature for you, too. A canopy makes it so easy to dock a boat and have it immediately covered.

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Regular Checks

It’s an excellent idea to develop a routine where you check your tritoon at the start of every season. Plan to change the fuel filter and check the battery, spark plugs, fluid levels, and your tritoon’s fuel lines. Make sure you also inspect the exterior for corrosion, holes, leaks, and cracks. And while you’re at it, this is a good time to go ahead and inspect the boat’s interior upholstery. When warmer weather arrives, always check your tritoon to ensure that no pests or rodents got into it during the winter.

Additionally, check for mildew and mold growth. If there is any, remove it. Thoroughly checking your boat ensures that it is safe to use. Remember, if you fail to inspect your boat and there are cracks or leaks, your boat can take on water. You can also have your tritoon serviced and inspected by a boat professional to ensure that it can be used and perform well.


If you are a new owner, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate space to store your boat. And it will be best if you plan for long-term storage and winter before storing your tritoon for the season. To that end, thoroughly clean your tritoon and allow it to dry properly. When polishing and waxing your tritoon, ensure that you do so with the appropriate products for the different parts. 

Once you are done, and your tritoon is completely dry, get it shrink-wrapped or cover it using a boat cover. Then, have it stored in an indoor facility or any other safe area where you are confident that no falling objects will damage it.

Exterior Inspection

Inspecting the exterior after use should be an essential part of your tritoon maintenance. This is a vital step since you might have accidentally bumped into an underwater object without even knowing it.

Therefore, to prevent any further damage to your tritoon, you should always look for leaks, cracks, and holes in the aluminum tubes. If you do not check for these issues and they are present, the tritoon tubes will start taking in water. Plus, this will cause strain on the engine as the boat sits lower on water creating more drag and burning extra fuel.

Salt Water

For those using a boat in saltwater, it will require extra saltwater maintenance. So you will need to inspect and clean up any salt residue after using the boat. This includes checking the bottom of your tritoon to remove the salt. 

The best practice is to use fresh water to rinse off your boat after each use. And there are plenty of products (link to salt away video?) available for removing salt, as well as using homemade solutions to clean your boat. So always flush the engine properly after every use. Doing this as part of your tritoon care ensures that it stays in good condition.

Clean the Interior

Proper tritoon care includes cleaning the interior flooring and furniture of the tritoon. Do this at least twice each year. And, clean the seats with water and soap and remove any stains. Also, after using the tritoon, always dry the seats with a towel. Then, to further dry out everything and allow better air circulation in the boat, open the hatches whenever the tritoon is not used.

Before covering your tritoon, ensure that the floors and furniture have adequately dried. Doing this will prevent the growth of mildew and mold in your boat’s interior. Otherwise, if these are allowed to grow in your boat, they will make it look and smell terrible. Furthermore, they are unhealthy for both your boat and the passengers on board.

A Well-Maintained Tritoon Boat

Good tritoon boat maintenance ensures that your investment is well protected. As mentioned earlier, taking care of your tritoon ensures that it maintains its performance ability and increases its life span. So, if you are not sure about adequately maintaining your tritoon a good place to start is to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual if you have one. Online searches and videos will help, too.

The instruction manual often states the specific cleaning and maintenance needs of your tritoon. Alternatively, you could consult a dealer. And since you’ve made a sizeable investment in your luxury boat, it just makes sense to take the next step in protection and get a good quality tritoon boat lift. Another good idea is to have your tritoon periodically checked by a professional or your dealer. So this can help you avoid costly repairs as well as giving you added peace of mind!

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