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Why Lift Boats Out of the Water During Bad Weather?

If you have invested in a boat to improve your quality of life, you are already prepared for some upfront costs to secure this investment. And when you’re soaking up the sun with your family and friends on your boat, you will have that awesome feeling that it is well worth it!

Undoubtedly, the value of owning a boat outweighs its cost. But it is also critical to take steps to protect your boating investment as much as possible. That’s why we strongly advocate that owners lift boats out of the water during bad weather.

Top Concerns of Boat Owners During Storms

Imagine the wind picking up, thunder cracking, and lightning flashing in the distance. You seek shelter in your house and are well prepared for the onset of the storm and possible damages. But, what about your boat docked on the lake?

The last thing you want is to have your boat damaged by bad weather. And then, adding insult to injury, you have to manage the expensive repairs afterward. One of the best ways to prevent the damaging effects of bad weather is to lift your boat from the water with a quality boat lift.

Here are some of the top reasons why it’s smart to lift boats out of the water during bad weather:

  • Minimize Damage – Your boat is most likely to beat against the dock because of strong waves during bad weather. If your boat is left on the water, high winds can cause it to swing violently resulting in excessive damage. Lifting your boat will help keep your boat securely away from the waves and the sides of the boat slip. This will also prevent it from smashing against any other boats that may be sharing the slip.
  • Prevent Your Boat from Breaking Loose – As owners lift boats from the water this ensures that large waves and high winds won’t be able to cause it to break loose and drift away. We have seen many boats go adrift over the years, even during the winter. Good quality boat lifts can ensure that your boat is completely secured despite large waves and rough waters during a storm.
  • Do Not Let Water Collect – Boats left on the water can collect water and debris during heavy thunderstorms. Keeping your boat lifted out of the water allows you to pull the drain plug. This ensures that any water that manages to get inside will drain out properly, and will keep your boat from swamping.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind – One of the biggest reasons to use a boat lift during bad weather is that you will not have to worry about your boat going adrift or getting damaged in case of high winds or storms. We all know that peace of mind is extremely valuable!
  • Save Money – Damages due to bad weather can be expensive to fix. Using a boat lift helps you save money by not having to worry about major repairs or maintenance adjustments after storms.
Source Article: When It Rains, Boats Sink (click pic to read more)

Other Weather Concerns

Here at our Missouri lakes, we know that thunderstorms aren’t the only bad weather we need to protect against. Winter storms can wreak havoc, as well. Heavy snow and ice damage can cause significant damage to both boats and docks.

In the late winter of 2021, we had a massive freeze at Lake of the Ozarks. And some boats that were on unsturdy boat lifts experienced damage. Not all lifts are built with the same care and quality as LOTO Lift boat lifts.

Ice damage to boats at Lake of the Ozarks

LOTO Lift Helps Minimize the Problem

So, by being aware of the impact of bad weather on your boat, you can take steps to minimize any major consequences. Using a sturdy, well-engineered boat lift can help prevent much damage from nature’s fury. And, regardless of the boat’s size,  when owners begin to lift boats during harsh conditions, they are able to see the difference in the condition of their vessel compared to boats tied in slips at the dock.

Whether you are a boat owner or running a business on the water, adding a LOTO Lift boat lift to your marina slip can keep your boat safe and protected from wind, water, wave damage, and ice. So call today to learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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