Winners of Missouri's Best of 2022 award for Lake of the Ozarks Boat Lifts

“Missouri’s Best” Award: Lake of the Ozarks Boat Lifts!

At LOTO Lift, the best Lake of the Ozarks boat lifts just keep getting better! Our desire is to help you give your boat a good home and protect your dream. If you aren’t already familiar with LOTO Lift, we are boat lift manufacturers located at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Like you and many other LOTO boaters, we love boating on Missouri’s lakes! That’s what motivates us to create a future for boaters that reduces the inconvenience and annoyance of constantly putting your boat in and taking it out of the water, putting it on the trailer, checking the hull, and then covering it or hauling it to a boat storage unit.

Year after year we seek to give our customers the best possible Lake of the Ozarks boat lifts. This ethic helps us lead the industry by seeking to improve the boating experience for local and national clients across the USA.

Missouri’s Best Boat Lift Company 2022

It brings us great pleasure to be voted Missouri’s Best Boat Lift company in 2022 in the Missouri Magazine. We are extremely excited about this and without a doubt, we owe the credit to our excellent employees. They are a great team and have stayed true and loyal during this challenging year. So, a huge thank you is in order for the LOTO Lift team and all our terrific customers who voted for us, as well.

LOTO Lift’s award-winning design, engineering, and construction have helped us win the award in the past as we sought to push the envelope of creating a boat lift that will last a lifetime.  We’re so honored and grateful to be voted as winners again in 2022!

Our “LT Model” continues to elevate the experience of Missouri boaters while providing long-lasting value in the sturdiest, heavy-duty pneumatic boat lift on the market. Do you need a large boat lift? Do you have a Pontoon or Tritoon? The LT is for you!

Missouri's Best Boat Lift Company Award for 2022

Other Types of Boat Lifts

All the lifts we manufacture are floating boat lifts. The other more technical name for them is pneumatic boat lifts. These are boat lifts with poly tanks that have air pumped in or out to raise and lower them in the water. We install Firstmate Remote controls so that you can simply push a button to raise or lower your boat.

Heavy-duty Side Mount Boat Lifts

As mentioned above, our LT heavy-duty model is a side-mount boat lift built strong and durable for use on rough waters and heavy boats.

What is a side-mount boat lift?  With a side-mount system, the boatlift is secured to the sides of the dock slip at multiple points. This allows for an even distribution of the boat’s weight. Boat docking for large, heavy boats can be done with increased stability. A side-mount pneumatic boatlift system will support large V-hull craft, pontoon boats, and even large Tritoons.

Made for wide slips and back-over applications, the LT model is engineered and designed specifically for floating docks.

LOTO Lift's strongest boat lift designed for rough water

Shallow Water Boat Lifts

Sometimes boaters need a lift that will operate with docks where’s not much depth. Our Shallow Water Boat Lift is the perfect solution. With the ability to operate in as little as 24 inches of water, this is the lowest operating pneumatic system in the industry. 

The shallow water concept is a huge benefit to those who have boat docks in shallow coves or rivers. Don’t let a drought or Winter draw-down keep you off the water.

LOTO Lift's shallow boat lift, designed for shallow water use

Front-Mount Boat Lifts

Our FM model front-mount boat lifts are perfect for narrow slip applications or if you’re in a shared slip. As the name implies, these lifts are mounted at the front of the unit as opposed to mounting along the sides of the slip or dock.

Furthermore, the bunk boards on our front-mount boatlifts will automatically center your boat so you don’t have to worry about bumping into any other boats sharing the slip with you. Enjoy the convenience of self-centering docking in this economical lift.

LOTO Lift's own front mount boat lift, designed to save space for use in shared boat slips.

Jet Ski Lifts

A LOTO Lift jet ski lift will make launching your PWC much easier and more convenient. Our specially designed PWC lifts will easily handle even the largest personal watercraft. With one of our single, double, or platform lifts it’s like having your own floating jet ski dock.

All our PWC lifts are pneumatic and are installed and operated with Firstmate controls. Like our other boatlifts, these units are designed for the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri so they can withstand even the roughest waters. Additionally, we now offer synthetic decked platforms. They’re made to get wet, so you can say goodbye to your old composite decking!

Double jet ski lift attached to a dock at Lake of the Ozarks.

Used Boat Lifts

Sometimes the best device for you is a used boat lift. While we would love to see all boat owners have new boat lifts, we understand that this just isn’t feasible. So, if you’re in the market for used boat lifts for sale, please be sure to check out the website, as we carry a large number of used boat lifts at Lake of the Ozarks. 

Whatever type of boatlift you want, whether it’s a LOTO Lift, Econo Lift, Fibersteel, Glava Lift, Drew Lift, Aqua-Lift, or HydroHoist be sure to check with us for great value used boat lifts!

4,000 lb used Galva Lift

Boat Lifts’ Prices: How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost?

We continue to push the boundaries of value and quality for floating boat lifts at Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake, Truman Lake, and all the popular boating lakes in Missouri and across the Midwest. Offering several types of boat lifts, boating enthusiasts can pick the best boatlift for their needs. 

As should be expected, people always want to know about boat lifts prices. At LOTO Lift, we strive to give you the best boat lifts possible at the fairest price. A very general scale to help you get a rough estimate of what a boat lift costs is to figure a little more than one dollar per pound. Plus, with inflation, you need to be prepared for prices to increase across the industry in 2022.

Helping You Enjoy Your Boating Future

We want you to enjoy the future of boating along with us. So if you or someone you know are searching for Lake of the Ozarks boat lifts, we would love to help you find the perfect lift for your dock. Then, once it’s installed you can just push a button and you’re on the water. And once again, thank you for your confidence in LOTO Lift!

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