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Why Winter is the Best Time to Service a Boat Lift

As boat owners, we understand the importance of regular maintenance but often overlook the optimal timing for such care. With its calm waters and idle boat lifts, winter presents a unique opportunity for essential maintenance. This season is not just a time for hibernation but an ideal period to service a boat lift to ensure it’s is in top shape for the warmer months ahead.

Here are 5 reasons winter is often considered the best time to service a boat lift. (Plus two bonus videos at the end!)

1. Avoid Extended Lead Times

Fall and winter are your best opportunities to service a boat lift. Due to an influx of population in the spring & summer here at #Lake of the Ozarks, many companies see additional dock delays. Since winter is a slower season for marine services, boat lift owners can often receive more immediate and attentive service from technicians. 

Extended lead times can cost you viable boating days & uncomfortably long wait times. So, to avoid that, take advantage of this fall and winter downtime to service your lift or dock. It can lead to better quality maintenance and repairs.

2. Off-Season Downtime: The Lake is Calm!

Here in the Midwest, winter is the off-season for boating. This means the boat lift is not in regular use, providing a perfect opportunity for maintenance without disrupting your boating activities.

This saves you a ton of money in labor!  Why?  Have you ever assembled something you got from Amazon? If so, you know that a stable, level, and clean workspace will make it go so much faster and more efficiently. Now imagine building that same item, but it weighs between 4-12,000lbs. Plus, you have to accomplish this task without the luxury of your feet staying in the same place, all while waves splash you in the face as you try to tighten bolts! 

So, it makes sense for both the client & the technician to accomplish maintenance tasks in the off-season.

Now is the Time: Schedule Service While You Still Can!

You know what summer is like for boaters. Now is the best chance for you to service your boat lift before things get BUSY! Click here or call (573) 873-6058.

3. Weathering and Wear Inspection

After a season of use, the lift may have experienced wear and tear or damage from the elements. Winter servicing allows for a thorough inspection and repair of any issues before they become major problems. Plus, parts may be easier to get in the off-season. And it’s always smart to keep your boatlift clear of freezing water!

Winter conditions, especially in fluctuating and colder climates, can cause additional strain on the mechanical and structural components of a boat lift. Servicing during this time can address issues like corrosion caused by winter temperatures and damage from the increased freeze-thaw cycle stress on docks.

5. Preparation for Spring

Servicing in winter ensures the boat lift is in top condition for the spring and summer months when it will be used more frequently. As a bonus, regular off-season maintenance includes safety checks to ensure the lift operates safely when it’s back in use. This proactive approach can prevent breakdowns during the peak boating season.

A list of boat lift services including bushing service, arm bolts, inspections and re-hosing.

Don't wait until it's too late!

With the busy boating season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule a service for your boat lift. Spots are filling up fast, so act now to secure your maintenance appointment and enjoy a  hassle-free summer on the water. Contact us today to book your boat lift service!

Bonus! DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Boat Lift During Winter

Want to give your boat lift some extra TLC this winter? Check out these two YouTube videos that walk you through easy DIY tasks you can tackle during the off-season.

  1. How to Speed Up My Boat Lift
  2. A Winter Time Boat Lift Tip

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