Large pleasure boat dry-docked on one of the best boat lifts at Lake of the Ozarks by LOTO Lift!

Why LOTO Lift is the Most Durable, Efficient, and Safe Boat Lift on the Market

LOTO Lift boat lifts is a family-owned and veteran-led business at Lake of the Ozarks. 

We pride ourselves in workmanship, design, and communication. The wonderful thing about the internet and social media today is that businesses that offer subpar customer service or products no longer have a rock to hide behind. If you say you’re going to do a good job and you don’t, people will let the world know in the form of online reviews. 

We are so thankful for the customers that have chosen to leave us reviews and encouraging comments over the past 15 years. It doesn’t matter where you find information about LOTO Lift boat lifts. You can search Google, Bing, Yelp, Boat Planet, or Facebook. As you search, you will see a trend. The trend you will notice is that LOTO Lift consistently outranks the competition by a wide margin. We are the highest-rated boat lift company for a few reasons.

The Utmost Significance of Boat Lift Design

While shopping for a boat lift that meets your needs, you will find many different types of lifts and boat hoists, designs, and brands. At LOTO Lift boat lifts, we are unique in that we were one of the first adopters of an “all steel above of the water line” design. We were one of only two companies that understood the benefit of an “all steel out of the water” design utilizing a parallel poly tank system.

Superior Steel Support

We utilize four and five-inch hot-rolled structural steel C-channel frames in our lift builds and a minimum of three rows on all lifts over 6,000 lbs. To put it in perspective, most of the others in the premium parallel tank design category utilize a three and four-inch C-channel frame and employ only two rows.

Built-in Redundancies

We have built redundancies on nearly every portion of our boat lifts. Look closely, and you will see these design redundancies on each of our lifts.

You get a flotation system that cradles the boat and provides a much more hydrodynamically efficient design. For those who claim that “tube tanks” are just as good, a quick Google search will reveal that physics is on our side. Take, for instance, the smooth ride of large catamarans or pontoons and tritoons. They ride like a dream! They ride so well and handle the wake because of their hydrodynamic advantage. 

The parallel tank system allows for the free flow of water in the middle portion of the slip, and most importantly, it allows us to widen the stance of the lift within your slip. This shortens the distance between the dock slip and the lift. And less distance results in less leverage; less leverage results in less chance of damage to your dock and the boat lifting apparatus. To understand this more fully, check out Archimedes’ principle and the basics of single and two-stage levers.

The Use of Stainless Steel in Boat Lift Manufacturing

We are the only company that offers our stainless steel attachment system. Even though our design allows us to get all the steel out of the water, we go above and beyond by utilizing a 306 stainless steel with an offset alloy 18A food-grade stainless attachment system. It is highly anti-corrosive and will last a very long time. 

Likewise, we are one of the only companies that utilize stainless steel crimps. And we’re the only company that utilizes stainless pneumatic ear clamps, which are actually rated for air delivery. LOTO Lift products use a low-pressure pneumatic system. The average PSI is between 2 and 3 PSI. And we have over 400 PSI of crimp force at each joint, resulting in a worry-free solution at one of the typically weak points in other systems.

LOTO Lift boat lifts utilize a stainless steel attachment system

Gas and Oil Tubes in Boat Lift Design

Some may ask, “Aren’t tubes better for flotation?” That is an excellent question. The gas and oil pipe used to build most parallel lift tank brands is good. However, since it is a 2 PSI system, the benefit of having a very thick tank is null and void because, quite frankly, there are holes cut in the bottom!

HDPE Flotation Tubes on Boat Lifts

Other boat lifting systems employ HDPE logs made of good quality materials and allow a parallel tank design. The weakness of this older technology is the saddles and straps that hold the tanks onto the lift frame. Those saddles and straps are constructed of thin flat strap banding material that wraps around the HDPE tube and utilizes fasteners to create the mounting cradles. And they are in an area called the “vapor zone.” 

A vapor zone is the engineering term for an area on a product or constructed building most susceptible to electrolysis or rust.

Vapor Zones and Boat Lifts

They are so susceptible to rusting or corrosion because of the dynamic environment the vapor zone endures. Vapor zones are created near water lines because they get wet and then dry. They get hot. They get cold. They get dark. They get light. Rusting most often occurs in those areas due to the dynamic environment. This is another reason why we utilize a stainless steel attachment system. In the boat lift industry, this makes a huge difference.

Rust: The Primary Determinant of How Long a Boat Lift Lasts

We have found over many years of research and development (and many head-scratching moments) that most boat lift problems come from a part simply rusting out. With a LOTO Lift, we have designed around and built-in redundancies to avoid the all-too-common rust problems with boat lifts. So you can have less maintenance and a lower cost of ownership over time. 

In short, we have no delusions about our product and service. Talking about rust and steel is not much fun. It’s not glamorous or pretty, but it’s necessary. And we are determined to provide LOTO Lift customers with products and systems that stand the test of time.

A deeply corroded bolt represents larger problems with boat lift parts.
Bolts and other parts can become rusted on most boat lifts. Pictured is a deeply corroded bolt on a popular boat lift brand.

Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure with a High-Quality Boat Lift

Boating isn’t the best investment from a monetary standpoint, but it’s a great way to make memories that can last forever with those you care most about. Our guiding philosophy is that it is the job of the boat lift manufacturer to help you protect those moments. 

A boat lift, while not glamorous, needs to be efficient and of an elegant design. And it needs to be easy to maintain. A high-quality boat lift should not cost you an arm and a leg in yearly maintenance and service costs. It just needs to work and last a very long time!

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