New 17,000 lb side-mount boat lift installation at Lake of the Ozarks by LOTO Lift.

Benefits of a Boat Lift Installation in 2022 – LOTO Lift at Lake of the Ozarks

Boat sales are still up in 2022 and if you have recently bought a new boat, you know that it is a big investment. However, when you are on the water and spending time under the sun with your family and friends, you know it’s worth it. And while the benefits of owning a boat outweigh its cost, you should take steps to protect your investment with a boat lift. One of the best ways to take care of your boat in 2022 is to get your boat lift installation before severe weather hits.

It’s true that a boat lift is an additional expense. But most people think of it as both a luxury and a sort of insurance. That’s because it can help prevent expensive repair and maintenance costs by keeping your boat safe throughout the year. So, if you are still not sure if the extra money is worth it, here are some of the top benefits of opting for a boat lift installation in 2022.

You Get Peace of Mind

A boat left tied at the dock will have water bumping it around and can lead to wear and tear. Many times, the bow of a boat gets damaged this way leading to expensive repairs. I just read this on a forum today (see it here): 

“My boat crashed into this dock this weekend, and there are some serious gouges in the fiberglass on the bow. Gouged through the gel coat…I am worried about delamination of the fiberglass.”

Fortunately, with a boat lift, you will never have to worry about your boat coming untied or being damaged like this when you are not around.

In addition, you will avoid chances of your boat sinking due to severe storms, an unknown leak, a plug going bad, a failed bilge pump, or other issues. And, if your boat is not on the water, you won’t have to worry about whether your boat is safe at the dock or not.

Heavy duty side-mount boat lift with remote control boxes

Prevent Damage & Costly Repairs

If your boat is left tied to the dock, it can incur damage, further contributing to the need for expensive repairs and downtime. When harsh weather brings strong winds or big rains, the stresses put on a boat docked without a canopy can cause immediate problems and can also shorten its lifespan. 

But because your boat lift installation lifts your craft out of the water, you can easily drain out rainwater. And wet storage also causes water line issues, hull blisters, or damage to props and shafts. So it is easy to see the differences when choosing between a boat stored on the water or one stored on a boat lift.

Prevent Corrosion & Algae

One of the biggest concerns when wet storing your boat is the formation of algae on the exterior of the boat. This will lead to multiple layers of residue and scum that can be a pain to remove from the boat. Plus, constant exposure to water can also cause the boat hull and lower engine shaft and prop to corrode over time and can eventually lead to leaks or engine problems. 

So, one of the top reasons people decide on a boat lift installation on their dock is corrosion, algae build up, and scum adhesion. Storing a boat on a lift is the perfect easy solution.

Corrosion on boat engine props from being left in the water.

Keep Your Boat in Pristine Condition

Since there is less chance of your boat being damaged due to waves, wind, corrosion, and debris when storing it out of the water, maintenance time is greatly reduced. All you have to do is just wipe the boat down whenever you’re ready to enjoy time on the water. 

Wondering How to Install a Boat Lift?

If you are looking for the best floating boat lifts to protect your investment, it is important to talk to the knowledgeable team at Loto Lift to help you make the right decision. You can choose from our various types of boat lifts depending on your needs and budget. As one of the premier boat lift manufacturers in Missouri, we offer fair prices on our lifts as well as on boat lift installation cost considerations. Give us a call today—we’d love to help!

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